I am a native European, self-taught photographer. To me, photography constitutes both a hobby and a way of expressing myself, but also an opportunity for sharing. I am fascinated by nature in general, but my areas of interest also include experimental techniques and the human condition. I have chosen to show that beauty lies everywhere and in the most unexpected of places. The act of taking a picture is a process which begins with an emotion : if I am not stirred by what I see, it is very unlikely that I’ll press the shutter button. In this sense my creative process resembles that of Charles Bukowski : “unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind […] and your gut, don’t do it!”

Like listening to music, seeing is something that is almost universal and accessible to all. Yet, not everyone sees the beauty that surrounds us as we go about our daily lives, either because their eyes aren’t trained to spot those little things, or because they don’t have access to public art spaces. It is my belief that contemplating art, beauty and photography can help us to enter into other worlds, to escape and to be inspired.
Having already exhibited my work online, as well as at a charity event, a student service centre, a winery and a tea room, I aim to reach out to the greatest number of viewers possible, by showcasing my shots at off-the-beaten-track places : prestigious spaces like galleries but also more unusual places, such as schools, farms, hospitals, elderly medical homes, train or subway stations, public parks, streets, abandoned buildings, airports, churches etc. My penultimate goal would be to offer my viewers opportunities to marvel, to be fascinated or to be enchanted, which would represent my modest contribution to making their day a more enjoyable one.
I would love to collaborate with other artists or musicians.

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