A native European, self-taught photographer who has a background in languages, business, political science and sustainable development. To me, photography constitutes both a hobby and a way of expressing myself, but also an opportunity for sharing. I am fascinated by nature in general, but my areas of interest also include experimental techniques and the human condition. Whilst I highly respect the work of those photographers who focus on exotic or remote countries, I have chosen to show that beauty lies everywhere and in the most unexpected of places. Therefore, all of my work has been shot around Europe and the Mediterranean, close to where I live.

For me, the act of taking a picture is a process which begins with an emotion. If I am not stirred by what I see, it is very unlikely that I’ll take a picture. Human emotions being universal, my penultimate goal is to share emotions through photography and by doing this to stir the emotions of the viewer. In this sense my creative process resembles that of Charles Bukowski : “unless it comes unasked out of your heart and your mind […] and your gut, don’t do it!”

Most of the exhibited pictures were shot through analog photography but they have been scanned carefully and at a very high resolution. This is not to suggest that digital photography has not taken hold of me, as I enjoy using this technique for experimental photography. However, none of my pictures have been digitally modified, except for colour balance/exposure as and when needed.

My current work explores the effects of ‘Blurs’ and particularly what I call ‘Universal Blurs’. The way we see the world is undeniably influenced by the culture we live in. In an attempt to play the boundaries and for brief moments to escape this cultural pre-conditioning of our minds, I have experimented with universal filters of movement, voluntary blurs and reflections to create equally poetic and yet, neutral images.

It is my belief that contemplating art, beauty and photography can help us to enter into other worlds, to escape and to be inspired. Consequently, I have chosen to promote my work through the AWE project (see next section). By showcasing my art in unusual and incredible places, I aim to reach out to the greatest number of viewers possible, no matter the viewer’s location, age or life condition.

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